Zena @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :
I’m a bit cold so the prospect of taking clothes off doesnt seem that appealing to me. I feel relaxed. Also I’m pretty curoius to see how such a photoshoot works.
After the Shoot :
All done ! That was fun ! Pretty hungry now. Curious to see how all the pictures and video will turn out.
Zena for Abby Winters

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    There’s three things I find sexiest in a girl: slim boobs that are 60% nipple, lower back dimples and outie belly buttons... so yeah Zena is pretty special!

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    I agree with the above comment. I love her titties, sweet ass and legs, love the back dimples as well. Would love to see a bit of blonde bush above that delicious pussy. I would love to cum on that belly. I bet she has had a kid ir two by now, and is a hot MILF

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    Eine sehr schöne Frau,
    Natürlich noch eine schöne rasierte nackte Muschi.

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