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Age: 24
Height: 165
City: Melbourne

Avant le shoot ...
La tête dans le cul, dur dur le reveil me voila dans une maison inconnue, avec des gens inconnus aussi ...
Bon faut pas se voiler la face, on est là pour se foute A POIL !!
Après tout un cul est un cul, ca devrait pas être plus dur que ca, c’est juste qu’il caille un peu dans la baraque ...
Won’t be difficult to be naked, just a little bit cold in the house !!!
Unknown house, unknown people, have a try ... let’s go !!!
No stress ... After all, an ass is an ass ...

Après le shoot !
Here we go! After standing under the rain, completely naked in the garden, and then "moisturizing" (??)
myself ( still in the garden ) ... I feel just : TIRED ! But really enjoyed it !
Was kind of fun to see myself put cream on me like this ( because really, we never put cream like this in reality )
Thanks for the good day, a new experience for me !!


  • tu devrais refaire d’autres photos plus erotic.

  • Tu es très jolie! que dis-je ravissante! Série de photos très fraiches.

  • Yvette is lovely and her figure is great.

  • Beautiful tits and beautiful pussy! 5/5

  • sexy body with good smile

  • A most beautiful woman...absolutely gorgeous...a wonderful body...and seems very free and liberated

  • She is a perfect model!!..Should work for femjoy or playboy!!

  • Wow check out the big stiff nipples on this cute young French lady. Her tits look nice and firm and a decent size too. I’m just about to watch her masturbating on IFM, very excited to hear her moan and watch her squirm with pleasure while she plays with that beautiful bald pussy of hers.

  • you are chick lady..yvette..your body so sexy..and you are calm..

  • Love looking at your long hard French nipples sitting proudly on those beautifully firm, round young tits of yours. Would love to see you spread your lovely cunt lips. You have an interesting masturbating technique too, I quite enjoyed your ifm video :)

  • Holy heck check out the nips of this one! They could take an eye out if she’s not careful! Nipples like hers need a good pinching or clamping. She’s got a decent pair of tits on her too. Really firm and perky, good for a nice long grope. Glad she took her clothes off in the cold rain so we really get to see her long stiff nipples in all their glory. She has an interesting nipple to areola to breast ratio- large round, firm tits, tiny little areola and long thick nipples. Absolutely delightful to look at. Lovely bald pussy too, would love to see her spread her cunt lips and show us her wet pink pussy. Lovely long legs with nice feet and cute suckable toes. Mmm such a delectable young naked French girl

  • I remember watching this firm titted French girl masturbating without using her fingers. It was quite impressive to watch, and she had a nice orgasm too, body shaking, tits bouncing and her nipples remained hard and erect the whole time. I heard there was a video of her sucking her boyfriends cock before he put it up her pussy but apparently they decided not to post it on the website. A shame because I’d love to see her take a cock.

  • When I first saw pictures of this sweet French girl naked I thought to myself how perfect it would be to watch her rub moisturiser into those delicious full tits of hers. I proceeded to download her video, got my cock out and was pleasantly surprised to see that she did indeed get naked and rub her tits with moisturiser. It was as enjoyable to watch as I expected. Watching her hard nipples flick out from behind her hands, retaining their stiff, rigid shape. The firmness of her tits as she presses her hands against them and way they drop back down as she pushes them up against her chest. I had a jolly good wank to her naked body. Now I’m off to watch her have a wank at ifm.

  • Would love to milk those full juicy tits. By the looks of her nipples she’s already been milked a few times haha. Would love to bend her over, stick my dick up her tight pussy while I milk her tits from behind.

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