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Age: 31
Height: 165
City: Melbourne

Before the Shoot :

I am so excited and was looking foward work in Melbourne.
I was nervous until today.
I’m very happy to visit here and meet nice people

After the Shoot :

I was so happy and very enjoyed this time.
It was very confortable and toy was nice.
I really relaxed and had a great time.
I hope come back again.
Thank you

Yukari for abby winters

  • nice cunt workin need more of dat on dis site get it wider next time bb

  • You are reason Abby should have over 25 models. You have sucha perfect female body, playing with your toy is so stuning, I disagree with the above message and Abby, in that your female anatomy is so perfect, you don’t need to spread your vulva lips. Your smile keeps the the lovelyness alive and wonderful, as a female I feel you represent us well. Cheers-Susan

  • need to wipe more thoroughly

  • Gorgeous cunt shots, welcome to Australia Yukari, lovely girl, very pretty & loves to please us all to the extreme - open pussy views are extremely rude & horny, especially from a girl with such a pretty face.Thank you so much, & ignore some of the stupid comments above, except Susan’s. James.

  • I love your nipples !

  • You are a true MILF! Your breasts look like a 18 year old’s, and you’re pussy is very nice, with the "asian hairs" that I love! You see, you asians have a tendency to have very little hair even though you are unshaven, and that’s what I love most about asians, even though you are my favourite etnisity.
    Your arsehole looks very tempting too.

    The only thing I don’t like soo much about you is your nipples, but still: 5/5 stars!

    And please bring us more models over 25!

  • Well ,MMe I’d take the package, AS IS, perfect, I’ve read the comments, the one point missed, you are who you are perfect, and I mean ALL of you, your flo’ur, most inviting, your brest are just enough, your size ahhhhhhhh.
    You have an open invitation, here....
    what I’d have to say to you, would be better expressed,
    in the booth in the back, in the corner, in the dark, ahhh yes.
    As friends>> sungohr@aol.com,
    ABBY I’ll take this one, you can’t have her back.

  • A similar body figure is impressive though unique to the artiste

  • Great girl, ignore the silly criticisms.

    I also noticed snugly that dildo fits into her, so I bet she has a nice snug vagina. The sort that grips your full length and helps you to a great orgasm when you come inside her ... mmmm.

  • Yes abby, more older girls Yukari is gorgeous, lovely beaver and breasts and seems to have enjoyed her shoot.

    If she must wear socks, could we maybe extend that to nylon stockings?

  • I find this young lady’s anus delightful & would love to see her and the arsehole in future shoots!

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