Yara @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

OMG It’s my first shoot !

After the Shoot :

Today was my solo explicit shoot ... The video was hard but the photo’s were easy ! I feel good, good about myself, really tired too, and I’ll definately come back & do more :)

Yara for Abby Winters

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    Ah, Yara, you really are a classic AbbyWinters model. Beautiful but with that elusive "girl next door" natural cuteness.

    Thankyou for showing us your shapely and very desirable body, and especially for the explicit shots. Good to see you with your pubic hair too, it really sets off the lovely pink "flaps" of your cunt.

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    Nice pubes and puffy lips

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    Such lovely tits, and what a bush..would love sleeping with you tonight

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    Gorgeous woman - Yara has such an inviting anus and vulval lips and nice that she also keeps her armpits and genitalia hairy. She is an amazingly sexual creature as can been seen in her B-G video where she rides her boyfriend’s penis from all angles, her face showing such pleasure as she slides her vagina over him until he squirts his seed inside her body.

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    Would I lake to hve fun with you? OFCOURSE will give you a wonderfull time

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