Violet Y - Abby Winters

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Age: 20
Height: 165
City: Melbourne

Before the Shoot :

So it’s before the shoot, feeling a little bit nervous but not as bad as before.
It is my second shoot ever, but I have more of a confidence boost since the last time.
The room I am using is so beautiful and had an old feeling to it, it makes me feel quite comfortable.
I wish my place looked this good.
Well good luck to me for the shoot.

After the Shoot :

So its after the shoot, and Im left lying on the bed, its nice and cosy confidence is up another notch and I feel so soft and moisturized its fantastic.
I had fun got a little bit cold at time but I cant get over how good my skin feels, I can barely hold the pen cos my hands have had so much lotion on them.
I am glad to have had the opportunity to do this again it has been wonderful!

Violet Y for Abby Winters

  • Violet, you are amazing! So beautiful!

  • Rio de Janeiro, September 12, 2009

    Perfect ... this girl is just perfect!

  • remember the 10 girl? violet is the 11 girl! preciosa!

  • Violet, you are a very very nice girl! You have a lovely hairy pussy!

  • WOW...would LOVE to see more.......

  • You look great, and your nipples are awesome. But perhaps you should have shaved your pussy?

  • March 22, 2010

    Violet: You are marriage material of the highest order!

    A stunning beauty! Very bright also! Astonishing! A goddess

    I am a middle age guy. Too old unfortunately. But I can

    recognize a very exceptional woman when I see one! Believe

    me you: you are the top!


  • Do another shoot for me baby !!...You are so good looking !!...I would Love to wake up next to you my Love !! Move to U.S.A. [ Raleigh, N.C. w/ me ]...

  • nice fat booty on her

  • Violet: amazing beauty,I see a goddess.

  • Wow what an absolutely stunning young lady - perfect girl next door.

    Perfect tits and nipples with a bum that I could happily play with all day.

    Come on Violet do another shoot and be a bit braver it would be great to see you with your legs open with your slit peeping through your pubic hairs. I can only dream of the view of you on all fours from behind where we can see both your bumhole and your slit in the same photo.

  • absolute beauty!! wish you would do an update as you are now Out of all abbywinters girls-you are my fav. it will never happen, but I would love to meet you in person You have that down to earth, girl next door look. PLEASE do another set!!!

  • Violet has a great look and her body is perfect

  • she has a wonderful on camera personality that I would like to hope is present off camera.

  • these Australian girls are more beautiful than those European hairy .... return!

  • Nice set of nipples on this young lady, they are perfectly round! Nice small, firm, perky tits too. Love her hairy cunt too, wish she would masturbate for us, she would look so hot fingering herself through all her pubes. Watching her massage her young breasts was good enough though! Thanks for sharing your incredible naked body with the world, Voilet! Does your boyfriend know you posed naked online?

  • Best set of nipples I’ve seen in a long time. Tits aren’t bad either especially the way they jiggle on your chest you can see how firm they are.

  • That picture of you leaning over with your tits hanging off your bare chest is brilliant. The fact that your tits still hold their shape and sit nicely on your chest shows just how firm they are. Then again you are only 20 in these pictures. Love your pussy too with your thick bush of pubes covering it. Gorgeous feet too and cute toes. Wish we got to see you pushing a dildo up inside your juicy wet cunt.

  • This young aussie girl has a decent set of ripe, firm tits on her. I like her untamed hairy pussy too, her pubes are nice and long and thick. It’d be good if she spread her hairy young cunt open for us, even just a peak at her moist pink cunt.

  • Beautiful smile, beautiful eyes, beautiful body, beautiful bush (not too be too lewd!)

  • What a delicious, firm titted young Australian lady! Best pair of tits I’ve seen in a long time especially with those nipples of yours. You also have a nice looking pussy and brilliant thick bush. It’s interesting that your pubes are blonde. Loved the video of you rubbing lotion into your sweet young tits. Honestly I wouldn’t mind watching you poke yourself either. I love watching you moan and orgaam as you finger your cunt on BA. Your boyfriend muddy find it hot that thousands of people are looking at your beautiful naked body every day.

  • This good looking young Australian girl showing off her tits and hairy pussy to everyone in the world while her boyfriend is out is why I love this site. We get to see her massage moisturiser into her firm little tits, pinching her pink nipples making them hard and erect, pulling her pants down to show us all her hairy pussy. Watching her frolic around with her tits bouncing around and pussy on display while her boyfriend isn’t around is amazing.

  • Nice hairy muff. Your tits aren’t too bad either, good shape, good size, good nips.

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  • Whats impressive about this model is that her breasts hold their shape when she’s bent over. Normally if a girl bends over her breasts dangle down a bit but this models tits remain just as perky as when she’s standing upright. Testament to the firmness of her rack. I would love to give her tits a little grope.

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