Viera - Abby Winters

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Age: 25
Height: 168
City: Melbourne

  • You have got quite a patch to keep mown there.

  • Viera you are totally stunning might bump into on the street in mel near lizzy st I would buy you a coffee or might see at the bar l work l would let you in for free

  • Oh Viera - one of the nicest pussies I have ever seen - lovely outer lips and those inner lips peeking through, so yum, slurp, - your boyfriend must be obsessed with playing with it - I wouldn’t be able to stop looking at it, and fingering such a gorgeous hairy cunt.

  • Cute girl, nice set of tits and lovey looking pussy. Love your nice tidy cunt lips xx

  • What a wonderfully small titted young Australian girl. Beautiful girl, nice body, lovely little tits, nice legs and feet with cute toes. Her tits are ripe and perky and and sit well on her chest.. her pink nipples are well proportioned the rest of her breasts. Really glad to see her spread her legs and show us her lovely bald pussy in detail. Her cunt lips are lovely and pink with dark bits on the end and she has a nice prominent clit. I’d love to see her fingering herself and sliding her fingers inside her nice wet pussy and moaning with pleasure.

  • Viera is one of those ultra rare models with a gorgeously deep and long slot (look up Virginia Sun). Just perfect!

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  • Melissa R : Love the closeups between her legs showing off her tight pink asshole, blonde hairs around her (...)
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  • Luisa : Look so happy and naked, I get rock hard fantasizing me kissing your nipples as i go in your (...)
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