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Victoria C personal page @ Abbywinters

Before the Shoot :

I feel soo ready ! Can’t wait for the shoot to start. I’m not nervous at all well maybe a little ;) I’ve got myself as ready as much as possible. I just hope all goes well. This makes me feel like a real Girlie ! I’m looking forward to seeing my video !

After the Shoot :

What a good day ! I felt so happy after the shoot, it was really good and I did things I never thought i’d do or could do ! The most unespected moment was having a pee in the garden and it felt good ! I’ve gone away with amazing memories after today. It was such a turn on getting into positions with my legs in the air. I feel good about myself today and the day went better than I could imagine. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did !

Victoria for Abby Winters

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