Vickie - Abby Winters

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Age: 18
Height: 162
City: Melbourne

Before The Shoot !
Hi, I’m very excited and can’t wait to get started.
It will be a great day and i know I’ll have heaps of fun.
I’m a bit nervous and excited at the same time.
Talk soon

I had one of the best days ! It was a lot of fun and the girls where awsome.
Thanks heaps for making it fun.
Besides being nervous it ended be excited.
Thanks once again

Vickie for abby winters

  • fantastic. where can i meet girls like this

  • beautiful woman

    i like it

  • Very nice. Just enough meat to hold onto. Sexy spread. Would love to see her grow some hair back on that sweet pussy!!!

  • on a envie de lui faire l’amour

  • wdooooooooooooooooow boob

  • Yes, Vickie is gorgeous, great face & bod, but I agree, would like some more hair on your snatch Vickie, even though shaved is nice too.I think it would be such a great horny combination — seeing a hairy pussy with those amazing big tits of yours. A nice open pussy spread would be brilliant some time too (with either both hands pulling your lips back, or two fingers of one hand, either is so sexy). Maybe you have done that already but it hasn’t appeared on this set. Or maybe you are too shy to do it. Please, Vickie, it would make our day. (all us lads - & some lasses). Geoff.

  • I love that shot of Vickie lying back full length in the saucer chair — it is the combined sight of her fantastic tits & sexy curvy tummy leading down to her delectable shaved slit that does it for me. Absolute erection stuff. Shaved or hairy, I don’t mind with Vickie,her slit has a wonderful mound that makes it seem extra primeval & rude, & puts it truly in the extra-special category of ’cunt,’ which, in the right context is the horniest word to describe a beautiful woman’s vagina I feel.Would love to stand near her head in that shot as she sucks me off, & gaze at her slit, or reach down & finger her. Vickie’s set is among some of the horniest masturbation material I have ever seen on the Net.

  • i love a chick with five nips. i just so love how hot you look it makes me hard.... i wish i could of spoken to you in highschool..

  • Pretty girl with awesome boobies!

  • She’s so beautiful! Radiating happiness and sunshine on a cold grey wet day. Let’s see more!

  • Just a very sweet, natural girl look. She has curves, freckles, meat on the bones, and winning smile. Then there is that incredibly cute flower tattoo along her bikini line which just completes the image. Exploring every inch of her would be an erotic joy

  • Ah yes, Vickie - only 18 here and yet loves to show off her tits and pussy - she has very horny curves, great tits, and even though I like them hairy - her shaved cunt is delicious - a nice full pussy mound. Lovely girl overall. GK.

  • Oh god Vickie, you’re only 18. More than any girl here, I wanna lie naked with you & kiss your entire heavenly body

  • Beautiful big tiited Australian teenage girl here. Your delicious tits are glorious with your huge suckable areola. It’s a shame you didn’t want to spread your legs and show us your tight young cunt but i guess you can only do what your comfortable with.

  • Oh Vickie! Sweet freckles,voluptuous.cute,shy OH OH OH OH AAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!........... Where are the tissues?

  • Nice nice nice 💋
    Wundervolle Frau !

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  • Anais V : Is she single?!?!
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