Valeria @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :
I am very excited !! This is my 2nd solo in a long time. The location is wonderful and the weather is perfect. I hope I can swim in that nice pool.
After the Shoot :
This shoot was great. I loved it sun + rain + pool + grapes. I enjoy it a lot. I missed this kind of Activities. The shoot producer is so fun, I really like to spend the day with her. I hope you like it ... a lot :)
Valeria for Abby Winters

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    God I would love to be there naked and hard, skinny dipping with you, sucking those tits and feeling your shaved twat and arousing you to orgasm

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    There are not many tanned girls on AW. Valeria has a beautiful natural tan. I love how it exposes and amplifies her big round hard nipples and her small perfect vagina. Not to forget, her bum crack tan line reminds us that she has so much more to offer.

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