Tula @ Ersties

Tula, a seasoned circus performer, has led a dynamic life filled with diverse experiences. This artist, deeply attuned to her physicality, extends an invitation for others to partake in her relaxation and self-pleasure regimen.

With a focus on artistry and well-being, Tula offers a glimpse into her routine encompassing not just self-gratification but also elements of massage and contortion. Having traversed the globe as a professional circus artist, she now resides in Spain, captivated by the country’s cuisine, culture, and natural beauty.

Commencing with limbering stretches, Tula showcases her ability to contort her body into elegant forms before transitioning into a session of self-soothing massage. Targeting areas like her neck, shoulders, and breasts, she progresses downward, engaging with her vulva. Her exploration involves manual stimulation, gradually incorporating a rose quartz dildo for penetrative self-pleasure from a rearward angle.

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