Toni B @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :
I’m feeling kinda nervous of course ! I’ve done a nude model shoot only once before. I’m worried about my facial expressions more than anything ... I’m so nervous I dont know if I can look relaxed & happy ! Never the less, I am quite excited & can’t wait to see the results. Should be great fun ! It’s all quite exciting really ... driving to a location, doing a shoot. Is this what it’s like to be Kate Moss for a day ? I’m loving it !
After the Shoot :
What a blast. A lot less painful than I thought. Lots of laughs, a lot less nerves ! The shoot was somewhat exhausting because of my nerves ! I feel quite hungry now. I think I’ll reward myself with a trip to Maccas ! I’ve been made to dance to no music, but naked ! Awkward but fun !
Toni B for Abby Winters

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