Tinsley @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

Meeoww, it’s Tinsley here. Had the best sleep last night lookin all fresh. I also had time to die my hair for today. Excited and pumped ready to get naked and have lots of fun ...

After the Shoot :

Ahhh ... im back from the wilderness safe and warm. Best day today not only do I love nature but i got to be in nature NAKED !!! yay me. Thanks to the crew had a blast, can’t wait till next time. I also found a birds nest and a loveheart leaf. Lucky day

Tinsley for Abby Winters

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    Very Fucking Lovely¡ I adore You¡

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    Tinsley is so very hot.

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    she has nice body

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    Another Rubenesque Beauty. Abby’s Girls are REAL, no fake, airbrushed, ultra-idealized females. Tinsley is Gorgeous with the most Beautiful Eyes. Her other Fine Attributes make this Lovely Lady a sure fire WINNER!

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    Decent set of tits on her. So good to see her return after 7 years and look at his her tits and pussy and changed over the years. Still just as beautiful as ever with a lovely ripe pair of tits that are in need of a good groping Ave such a delicious pink cunt. Done if the tidiest cunt lips I’ve seen! Hope we get to send more if her masturbating too. Nothing like watching her face a good wank. Her fingers ask over that nice tight pussy of hers.

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