Thais @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

I waiting so much for coming shoot and visit Amsterdam. Finally I’m here and so excited !!! Looking for shoot now !! Looking for see my shooting. Yeah ! I’m not nervous but really full of hapiness :)

After the Shoot :

OMG !!!! I cannot believe that happen ! I’m so happy with every thing. Amazing ! Was a really interesting experience for me in professional & personal. I did many positions. Masie was really nice with me. She was smilling all the time and giving me cumpliments. That’s help a lot. Lokking for see my shoot. I was really confortable in the shoot and I want more !!

Thais for Abby Winters

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    Wow what a gorgeous girl! Beautiful face, lovely vagina and butthole!

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    This little minx is gorgeous - love her puckered hairy anus, wrinkled labia flaps and fine pubic hair. She is clearly very sexual and has a BG shoot with AW in which she enjoys suckling on her boyfriend’s testicles and slides her wet vagina over his organ until he withdraws and squirts semen all over her hairy pubis.

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