Tabbitha M - Abby Winters

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Age: 18
Height: 169
City: Melbourne

Before the Shoot :

Was really looking forward to my shoot.
So finally got here and am getting more excited by the minute cant wait to see how they turn out ... Hope you all enjoy.

After the Shoot :

Was really nervous at first but then once we started taking photos I really got into and enjoyed everyminute.

Tabbitha M for Abby Winters

  • Amazing you would be not long out of school, Tabitha & already wanting to show the world your naked bod (& in particular your very lickable & fuckable cunt!). So glad you did.Would love to be in the room when they took these pics, but no men allowed I guess (damn!), but if so, would love to know what the photographer asks when she wants you to pull back your pussy lips for a pic.Since the advent of amateur porn, women seem to be finally learning that men (& some women) love to look at girls’ pussies, as we are hard wired to enjoy that. Your pussy is beautiful to see — like that pic of you showing us your pink — shame i am not one of your old school mates who stumbles on your photo set online — what ecstacy that would be, to see you showing me your lovely bald snatch. Nice rear shot too, ready for entry, maybe into either entrance? A great, horny set of pics indeed.

  • I love your stockinged feet and the shot of your pussy pulled so very wide. What a fantistic deliciously creamy shot that is. You are of course very beautiful and the shot of you with your bottom in the air is fantastic. (The socks help - that’s just the way I am)

  • So Soo Sooo BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • Such a beautifully presented strip leading up to cock-stiffening open leg posing. Tabbitha has a great young body with a tight backside and breasts and some of the best cunt spreads on Abby Winters which I have enjoyed many times.

    Why are they so good? She really knew just how to angle her hips to get the right view between her legs and importantly gave us a lovely natural smile at the same time. Then she pulled open her labia to perfectly show off the entrance to her creamy 18 year old vagina. The close-up is perfection :-)

  • Love the Montgomery glands around your nipples....very erotic.
    Boobs and pussy are gorgeous.

  • Tabbitha!
    You are the sweetest and most sexual woman in the world.
    I adore everything about you.
    Wish you all the best in life.

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  • Kylee : Such a cute little ass and perky tits I would love to kiss in bed with you (...)
  • Kimberly J : What beautiful nipples and bald pussy, you are giving me such an erection Kimberly
  • Sondrine : Such a lovely body, would love to explore your hairy bush and kiss your nipples (...)
  • Anais V : Is she single?!?!
  • Mary J : Super cute! Beautiful face! Awesome bush!
  • Blaise : It’s difficult to describe what a perfect set of breasts look like but whenever I’m having the (...)
  • Ball Pit Girls : What’s the name of the brunette in jeans with nice tits?
  • Alexa : Nice to see her sitting back naked with her legs spread showing off her pussy and cunt flaps (...)
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