Step Aerobics Girls - Abby Winters

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Age: 18
Height: 183 ...

Before the Shoot :

Carla : How exciting !! 20 girls in 1 room. Can’t wait. Fun fun fun. Can’t wait to exercise ...
Kiki : Diz is different ! Im really really excited. Im not sure xactly what we’ve doingbut should be interesting :) The girls all seem nice, so should be fun ...
Cassie : Running scares me alot. All the model look so hot today :)
Kylee : It’s excitment city down at Abby Winters head quarters ! Energy is high with hot girls everywhere ! It’s going to be an awesome day !
Christen : Iam so exited to do this shoot. I made sure that I worked out all week so I can keep up with todays workout :)
Maria S : Feel very special to be part of the biggest AbbyWinters shot ! Can’t wait to start ! I had so much fun last time I have been counting down the days till this one !!
Emily : Im so exited have my first T1 today. Me and 19 other girls yay :) Still nerve rocking though
Melissa : This is a bit different to the other shoots, but it sounds awesome and like so much fun ! Lets go !
Other girls : Gilian, Pee-tria, Harper, Sarah P, Helen, Silvie, Jette, Veronika, Julia M, Zasha, Keilyn ...

Step Aerobics Girls for Abby Winters
480 pics avaible at !

  • OMG!The last shot is incredible - 19 gorgeous girls lined up smiling & naked, all different shapes & heights,a variety of beautiful tits and pussies. I love seeing all the different fannies, shaved, hairy, some very hairy, & get turned on wondering what the girls think of each others’ snatches. The only thing that would top this is if there was also a shot of them sitting down with all of them pulling back their pussy lips. If one of them would just reply to this message I would join Abbey Winters tomorrow. George.

  • I dont think girls will reply here, there is a forum where they do on when you are a member.
    Nice shoot anyway ! I love each of them :)

  • All the girls look great nude.

  • That’s one class I’d never miss! Where can I sign up?

  • No wonder Abby uses a female camera crew- what normal man could concentrate surrounded by these nude beauties?

    • Just imagine spending hours with all these nude girls doing the shoot. Any normal man would be just about crippled by an erection you would think. I have often wondered if male photographers/film crews do get aroused in these kinds of shoots. Similarly, how do male actors avoid embarrassing themselves in love scences with lovely actresses? What about spending all day with a naked Angelina Jolie doing love scenes- difficult to avoid getting excited.

      Finally, I wonder what Abby’s girls think of what they do to men.

    • Well, I’d say that it’s a matter of culture and situation. I’m in a lucky position as I’m Finnish and it’s not so taboo to be naked as it seems to be in many other cultures... for instance, we often have these sauna-parties with our fellow uni. students, both male and female and bathe and drink together and it’s not really sexual per se, I find it quite easy to control myself because I find it really easy to distinguish seeing naked women in different situations, both sexual and purely platonic. If you ever get the chance I think you’d find it quite easy too :) Although, one can always still appreciate the beauty of female body as it is, just don’t go making any awkward comments :D Silent appreciation is the way to go.

      And as for actors, I think it’s true what they always say: that it is such a stressful and nonsexual situation when there’s the whole crew staring at you and the director’s telling you what to do and all that stuff, that it’s easy to not get too aroused.

  • who is the tallest girl? she is gorgeous but what’s her name??

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  • Kathryn : Wow! She is really pretty!
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