Stacey Q @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :
Woke up this morning and realised me and Anne were going on an adventure. Feeling nervous and excited ! Took a while to get here, me and Anne squashed together ! Got to the house where were doing the shoot ... very nervous now ! Kind of looking forward to it though !
After the Shoot :
So all done now ! Photo’s with Niko were really fun except I had to get into the fine place !! Got a bit dirty ! Did lots of funny things like taking my pants off using a book, and jumping around ! felt a bit silly so I giggled alot !Then did my video, played truth or dare a spin the bottle with Anne ! & I ended up naked & telling all my secrets !! Anyway, had lots of fun & not as scary as I thought it would be !
Stacey Q for Abby Winters

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