Simona @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

Feeling excited to join the beautiful community of models of Abby Winters.

After the Shoot :

It was lots of fun :) I feel really amazing !

Simona for Abby Winters

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    The shot of Simona spreading her bum is one of the best pictures I’ve seen on here in a while... I think I’ll be dreaming of that image in bed tonight!

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    That hairy ass is SO NICE.

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    Simona is a goddess and good to see a more mature woman. Love her small saggy breasts and how her nipples point downwards but best of all is her massive womanly bush of pubic hair. Her purple labia are so long and slender and when she spreads her hairy anus just makes you want to slip a finger inside. She clearly is very sexual and has a great B/G shoot where she pulls her lover’s penis deep inside her pussy until he withdraws and squirts all over her belly.

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    What a hot mature with her little floppy saggy breasts and thick pubic hair all over her genitals. You look so sexy Simona when you spread your hairy anus for us and would love to push my tongue deep into your dark brown labia and taste your creamy vaginal juices.

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