Shan @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :
Today, I have my first shoot with Abbywinters. It was recommended to me by my girlfriend Lily - who had also done a few shoots with them. I’m feeling pretty nervous but also really excited to be getting outside my comfort zone and potentially being able to express myself and body in a uniquely artistic way. I’m hoping to gain more confidence by doing this shoot, as well as maybe getting an opportunity to shoot with Lily too at a later date :) I’ve arrived at the studio but forgot to bring my sports gear. Maybe I can come back for another shoot and relate that to sports ... Hoping it all goes well !!
After the Shoot :
Well, I’ve just finished my first Abby winters shoot. I’m feeling pretty tired, but am pretty happy with the content I created and hope others enjoy it too :) I was a little nervous at the start but got confident once I felt comfortable in my own skin in front of the camera. I look forward top hopefully doing a shoot with Lily in the future. Next time I will remember to bring my sports medals and maybe tickets from events I’ve been to. I’ll teach you all how to play netball - the greatest Aussie sport that all teenage girls should play !
Shan for Abby Winters

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