Seriya @ Abby Winters

Seriya is beautiful. Great smile, fabulous figure for who love the dark hair!

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    "tch tch tch"

    "What’s that Skip? Pretty woman stripping off at the Old Mill?"

    "tch tch TCH! tch tch"

    "Ok, who taught you to say ’she has a sweet shaved muff’, Skip?..."

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    Flatter chest and wider hips.

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    Really nice looking girl but why did she shave her most prized asset?

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    A lot of visitors to this site love the hairy vagina, as the above comment attests. I agree, a nice bush or at least a reasonable amount of fanny hair (pussy hair to all you yanks)is extra horny. But I’m happy to look at Seriya’s shaved twat - it’s gorgeous. Now that I have seen it, she can grow her pubic hair back. She’s a lefty I think - with a dominant left cunt lip. Beautiful. Can’t wait to see her show some pink some time. John.

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    Hi honey, ur really my dreaming,i wanna be my spouse on my life

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    Nice looking girl next door, lovely ass, beautiful pussy and tits just begging to be stroked

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