Sera @ Abby Winters

Sera gets ready for her workout by hiking up her lemon-yellow shorts and lovingly patting her juicy booty. She starts out by hooking resistance bands under both bare feet and lifting her shapely legs in the air. When she leans over her yoga ball, we get an enticing view of her cleavage, then she slips off her bra and bounces topless. Ready to remove what’s left of her leotard, she unbuttons the clasp between her legs to free her fleshy vulva, which is adorned with wisps of soft blonde hair.

On her hands and knees, Sera looks sweetly over her shoulder as she spreads her bum cheeks wide apart. Then she relaxes on the ball and opens her legs, sharing intimate views of her pussy with an inviting smile. After putting on a see-through pink halter top that accentuates the loveliness of her pert breasts, Sera begins lifting weights to proudly flex her toned arms.

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