Selvaggia & Ulyana @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :
Selvaggia : Hey Abby ! It’s such a lovely day today and I am so excited for the upcoming shoot with lovely Ulyana. She’s so sweet and funny, we’re about to have so much fun together ! Hope you’r gonna love our video. I’d love playing with Ulyana so much.
Ulyana : Wow Abby I gotta tell you that was something else ! Ulyana is so hot and sexy ! And I gotta tell you a secret, I think I might have a crush on her ! I came so hard and it was so intimite was so cool and professional. I really felt at ease and had a lot of fun. Hopefully you’re gonna love it as much as I loved making it.
After the Shoot :
Selvaggia : I feel fine. No worrying. Looking forward.
Ulyana : Unbelievable ! Exciting ! So many emotions !
Selvaggia & Ulyana for Abby Winters

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