Selene @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

I feel wonderful ! I have a good mood. I wake up and the weather is good ! I love my life !

After the Shoot :

I spent time very good. I had a lot of fun. My mood is very nice. I feel really happy.

Selene for Abby Winters

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    Selene has a beautiful body.. this kind of body that I am willing to hug and hold never want to let it go.. perfect body to be licked all over her skin.. glory holes are delicious to be explored with tougue.. could someone please send me her lingerie?

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    Nice to see Selene do another photoshoot and open her legs to show us her cunt this time. Seems to be a common progression for Abby Winters models between first and second photoshoots.

    I enjoyed the progression, but (ah, a but, not as nice as Selenes butt, though) she presents a slit with her labia stuck together ... here’s hoping fopr anothe progression where she splits those lips apart and her cunt and vagina are spread open for us to enjoy. :-)

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