Sally - Abby Winters

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Age: 21
Height: 174
City: Melbourne

Before the Shoot :

Before the shoot I’m feeling fine, not nervous or tense because I have done this sort of work before;
I’m looking forward to the shoot as it’s been a long wait to get to this.
I hope I am asked to come back again as this type of work is a lot of fun and not an everyday thing.
I am not too sure wat is happening today with how adventurous the photos will be but I’m pretty sure it will be a lot of fun and an enjoyable day at that.

After the Shoot :

After the shoot I was feeling great I had the best time my favourite part of the shoot was the video because you get to tell stories and have a laugh about your past and present, the wildest thing ?
No the weirdest thing was pretending to play tennis, pretty out there.
I’m not feeling gined I’m actually a bit hungry though.
I am anxious to see the shoot and see how it turned out.
Yes I would do it again.

Sally for abby winters

Forum posts

  • She is hot AB! Is she did more sets ?

  • You are totally cute and have a perfect female body and I love the picture of your legs spread and your striped panties-its wonderfully neat-so flash your companions they will love it-Cheers-Suzi

  • I like the colour of your muff.... and it looks really cute half shaven...

  • Lovely girl, lovely bod, lovely muff, a muff to die for, would love to cuddle my cheek up to it, or cup it in my hand. JJ.

  • wow. some of the nicest boobs on Abby Winters

  • Wow! Gorgeous little pussy - I’d love to dart my tongue in and out of that. Very hot!

  • I would love to dally in your alley Sally.

  • Hello Sally, I really like your pretty smile and perfect tits, with the puffy aureolas. They’re the just the right size for your frame and I bet they bounce and jiggle nicely when you get, um, active.

    Also, please keep your dark pubic hair, it sets off your pretty pink slit beautifully.

  • Oh what a lovely hairy cunt.....!?

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  • Carmina & Fenna : Wow.. So sexy...💋
  • Holly V : Yes, Holly V hits the jackpot again with her cute freckly face, great body and a lovely natural (...)
  • Noemie : Nice hairy cunts spread wide are the best :-)
  • Alma : i love the stretchmarks on her saggy tits and the hairy cat. THICC
  • Luna R : You have gorgeous eyes and face that looks friendly and kind. Your body is amazing, with all (...)
  • Gretchen & Masie : Love this set. Two willing young ladies.
  • Lucie L : What a tasty young lady.
  • Lawan : What a treat, a beautiful bald Asian spinner.
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