Sahara - Abby Winters

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Age: 20
Height: 165
City: Melbourne

Before the Shoot :

Pretty chilly outside today, so I’m glad well be shooting inside !
It’s been great modelling for Abby ! Too bad I have to go home soon ...

After the Shoot :

Feeling relaxed after spending so much time massaging myself, it’s nice to pamper yourself a bit.

Sahara for Abby Winters

  • hi Sahara
    You have classic beauty!
    Your eyes, lips, and your face are soooo nice!
    and..i love your cunt too!

  • I have to agree with the above message - Sahara is a classic beauty — & yes, a very horny vagina indeed. I love her & her pussy,especially that last shot where she is looking at us and showing off her hairy cunt for the whole world to enjoy. That shot is unbelievable — beautiful face of sahara with her hairy snatch in the same view —this is the ultimate masturbation shot — would love to come across those meaty lips of hers, and into her cunt hair but will have to be content with a tissue unfortunately. Dave.

    • Oh I’d have to agree with you.

      In that shot, Sahara really shows off the best aspects of her cunt. She doesn’t have a little pink slit but big long labia that can be spread nice and wide.

      Sahara ends up giving a cock-stiffening sight of the entrance to her vagina framed by her slightly brown tinged cunt flaps.

      A classic picture of the type I really like (as long as there is a good sexy build-up to it). Full points to the photographer and Sahara.

  • Sahara serait un désert qu’on s’y perdrait avec délice nous abreuvant à son calice au sein de son oasis... Sahara belle au naturelle... Sensuelle et char -nelle... Elle à tout d’une ange tombée du ciel en plein dé -sert tel un certain petit prince... Sahara cherche t’elle sa paire d’aile ? Sahara est-elle...?!

  • It would be match better if this was a dating site, because Sahara you would be #1 on my list.

  • I love girls with firm boobs, and puffy nipples, I love girls with their vaginas (and armpits) shaved, but still, Sahara, there’s almost none AW-models I’d rather fuck than you! You are so extremely tantalizing, and I wish you had more hair (stop shaving your legs).

  • What a fine figure of a woman Sahara is. Perfect breasts and perfect pussy. To see her with her bottom in the air and spreading her juciness and then to stuff two fingers into it is the stuff of dreams.

  • I am in love with Sahara - rather than desert (as her name suggests), she is more like dessert, especially that lickable and suckable hairy mango between her legs. I want to lie with my cheek against that goregeous hairy cunt of yours, Sahara and feel the soft lips and cunt hair on my skin.You finger and spread your cunny so well, like you are both horny and proud to show it off. What power, to spread that pussy and know that 100s (1000s?) of guys are looking at your beautiful face and tits, then down to your snatch, and pulling on their cocks made stiff by you. Is it a nice feeling that we all cum our sperm at the view? J

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