Sabina M @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

I think this is going to be one of the sexiest shoots Ive made so far ! So looking forward to have sex with myself and having a new camera shooter!

After the Shoot :

It was delicious. Great way of taking pleasure & getting to know better yourself !!!

Sabina M for Abby Winters

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    Love the wisps of hair on her nipples

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    Wow what an erotic creature - love Sabina’s rampant armpit hair and the stray breast hairs sprouting from around her tiny nipples. Her meaty genitals are divine, and like the way her protruding labia changes colour from dark brown around her vagina to pink around her tumescent clit. I once had a Greek girlfriend who looks like Sabina with miniscule breasts and thick fleshy labia which she loved having chewed and suckled. Great to see how she parts her hairy vulval lips to show us deep inside her moist pink vagina - makes you feel like thrusting a tongue inside her body and tasting her sexual juices.

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