Roos @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

I was excited and relaxed. Happy to do a shoot in the nature, curious what to wear and having a wonderful, funny, sexy, dirtyday !

After the Shoot :

We just finished when it starts raining hardly, it was really fun, people were passing which was fun ! I climed on a tree, real fun am exiting xxx

Roos for Abby Winters

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    cute girl , smiling, slim, and so on...

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    Your pussy is so beautiful and alluring

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    Great to see a more mature woman with such a great body - love her luxuriant ginger bush of pubic hair and small, slightly sagging breasts. When Roos peels open her fleshy pink labia her vagina looks so tight and inviting. Wonderful shot of her butt cheeks on the grass with her hairy vulva peeking through - would make love to her until she moans with orgasm.

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