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Slowly bending forward, Ronnie pulls down her shorts, revealing her round bum and panties. Grabbing her bum cheeks with both hands she spreads them apart as she giggles.

Down on the floor, laying completely naked, Ronnie raises her legs up in the air and reaching from the side she inserts first a single finger inside her already wet pussy, then a second one. Grabbing her favourite butt plug, she pushes it slowly inside her tight anus, gasping as it goes inside her before continuing masturbating.

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    Hello, A lovely naturally hairy woman. Enjoyable.

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    Great to see a larger woman featured here. Ronnie has a rather masculine face but her body is gorgeous with dark pendulous breasts and such thick growth of armpit and pubic hair. She talks in her video about how much she loves feeling a warm hard penis inside her and proves it in her B/G shoot where she allows her lover to penetrate her vigorously doggy-style and leaves her cunt dripping with his milky semen.

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    Ronnie has such a nice ass and very attractive woman.

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