Serafina & Roman R @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :
Serafina : The sun is shining. The outmeal is sweet and its already a lovely, relaxing workation.... Looking forward to a day of Roman and Il doing what we do best.
Roman R : I fucking love the 21 century so much. The fact that I love having sex with my tremendous girly firend opened up a possibillity for us to go to Amsterdam, OMG !!! Whant an adventure to be in the city with the coolest flag in the world xxx
After the Shoot :
Serafina : Woooowww. That was very fun sex ! Roman is such a sexy beast ... We had so much fun.
Roman R : It was a sex to REMEMBER ! Omg so gooood. Serafina and me, that is just mgic. Pure Magic. Nothing else to add hot hot hot.
Roman R & Serafina for Abby Winters

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