Rebekah - Abby Winters

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Age: 20
Height: 167

Before the Shoot :

Hi ! Today is my first shoot for Abby Winters! I’m excited but nervous ... ( in a good way ). I can’t wait to get started !

After the Shoot :

Yay ! just got back from my first shoot ! It was so much fun ! And the crew were awesome and made it easier. Can’t wait to see the outcome.

Rebekah for Abby Winters

  • i found the love of my life!!!

  • i need more pictures of her, she is beautiful

  • Hi Rebekah (hmm, I bet the girls never read these), thankyou for your first nude shoot. Naked, beautifull and only 20.

    You do look a little nervous, especially in the picvtures where you are taking off your bra or pulling down your
    knickers. Though this is in no way bad, you just look even more cute and and sexy.

    It’s up to you of course, but I really hope you’ve got a taste for nude posing ’cos I’d love to see you come back and open your
    legs for us. Just the thought of your gorgeous smile as you open your legs to the camera (oh, more requests, and gently spread your cunt lips with your finger tips) is such a turn on.

    I can dream :-)

  • Wow bek you are such the teen goddess of cuteness. I wish you didnt shave though id love to see you in all your hairy glory.
    I can only dream of waking up to that gorgeous smile illuminated by the heavenly rays of the morning sun through the bedroom window.

  • Your breasts are the most beautiful I have ever seen! I’m a big fan of small nipples, and lightly colored areoli. Yours are Perfect!! WOW

  • eu acho que vc. precisa transar bastante para usar bem seu corpo...imagino que faça exatamente isto.



  • You are stunning.....

    Can’t wait for your next shoot.

  • you are unbelievably beautiful. thank you!

  • just adorable...mmmmmmmmm wish I could take you home. Sigh!

  • Yes, I am like one of the above - I like hairy pussies - but I think Rebekah’s vagina is gorgeous shaved. Only two shots of it here, but I got very aroused, such a cute girly face, beautiful bod, and wow, that delectable smooth slit - just a hint of her inner labia peeking through. We are all waiting Rebekah, for a more explicite shoot, you know, some nice views of your pussy from below with your face smiling at us - and of course use those fingers and separate your pussy lips, that would be heaven for all our cocks (and no doubt some pussies).. D.

  • Rebekah, I love the way your cunt mound protrudes in that gorgeous V shape on the standing pic. Nice shaven cunt indeed, no wonder you have wanted to show us. Must be nice to be your boyfriend, sitting you on his lap with you naked, and feeling that smooth pussy, sucking on those beautiful tits, and fingering you at the same time. What a thought. You have made my day, or maybe my week with these pics. Think I will join up, in the hope there are some more naughtier photos of her.

  • 5 out of 5 for her luscious pussy alone. Should be more points avail for the rest of her.Dan

  • Such a beauty, definitly a pleasure to see more photos

  • eres bellisima no he parado de ver tus fotos

  • Love that cute face, big lips and nice smile!
    Boobs very shapely too, waist/hips a little flat.

  • This girl has a very pretty face with a beautiful pair of tits and a great bra - love it! I would love to see more of this girl (literally) and it would be fantastic if she opened her legs for us, and possibly on all fours so that we can look up her bum as well. Don’t want much do I!?

  • hello rebekah. i love youre photos and i love to see you naked. you are so beautiful. i live in holland and enjoy of you,re picture,s i love you rebekah. you,re my number one girl. xxx erik.

  • absolutely arresting eyes! She definitely has the girl next door thing going on with the rosy cheeks and bashfulness, as well as a great body! It’s a shame she prefers to be bald -down there- :(

  • She is a natural beauty! Really like her :)

  • Dear Rebekah, you are so so incredibly sexy. You have a very hot body with cute tits and a very very nice bubbly ass. Every time I watch your videos on Abby Winters you turn me on so much and get my dick so hard that I orgasm intensely as I view your naked sexiness. I could fuck you for days on end and not get exhausted fron doing it.

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