Rachel C @ Ersties

Rachel C, a newcomer to Ersties from Brazil, treats us to a mesmerizing solo performance amidst the breathtaking outdoors. In this sizzling shoot, her passion and zest for adventure are on full display as she harnesses the raw beauty of nature.

Hailing from Brazil but currently residing in Portugal, the enchanting Rachel C graces Ersties with her presence against the backdrop of majestic mountains. Well-acquainted with the joys of hiking and forest escapades, Rachel skillfully discovers the ideal setting for a solo escapade of her own.

By day, she’s a dedicated biologist; however, by night, she passionately explores unconventional avenues to intertwine her sensuality with the natural world. Rachel’s pursuit isn’t just about spicing up her sex life but also grounding herself in the primal energy of the environment. With a penchant for anal play and double penetration, Rachel ingeniously incorporates elements from her surroundings, culminating in an exhilarating solo performance that’s sure to set hearts racing.

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