Priya @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

Happy new year. Best wishes for 2011. I feel really happy. I am just so excited to do a shoot again. I will again have a lovely time with the girls.

After the Shoot :

It was great to do it again a lovely shoot. It was a very quick shoot. See ya soon and thanks a lot xkissesx

Priya for Abby Winters

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    Love the tampon string, most women proberly wouldn’t pose that day.

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    is this a tampon string? wow cool finally a little bit of variety, we’re a bit bored with the usual clean pussy series.

    We love you Pryia u so daring

    Wish Abby management could be as daring, we need creativity guys

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      AW doesn’t dictate what a model chooses to do. The photographer can suggest poses but essentially, it’s the girl that makes the decision (she is doing this voluntarily after all). Good thing too, otherwise this would just be another stupid hardcore pornsite. And no one wants that...

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    Priya - thank you for doing this photo shoot and thanks to AW for displaying them. Superb pussy shots and we just luv the string shots. More please. My GF also gets off with me when we are looking at them.

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    Nice Clitory

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    Beautiful ass and beautiful breast. I’d like to feel her skin and kiss her.

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    Wow very beautiful pics and sexy Indian girl . Beautiful body and smile :)

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