Pinko @ Ersties

Art takes on various shapes – be it drawings, poetry, or even self-indulgence. Relax with Artist Pinko from Argentina as she shares some of her sensual poetry with us before engaging in self-pleasure using a gentle pink dildo.

Who says self-indulgence can’t be an art form? Artist Pinko from Argentina unveils her exquisite drawings portraying the feminine figure, illustrating how the body can express emotions without uttering a single word. After relocating to Berlin in search of the right spaces and people to share her art with, we’re delighted she selected us as her audience for this performance.

Pinko recites some of her erotic poetry, inadvertently arousing herself, and then proceeds to undress, gratifying herself with a pink dildo while moaning and maintaining eye contact with us. Lean back and appreciate the poetic artistry of self-indulgence.

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