Peigi & Boyd @ Abby Winters

Peigi wraps her lips around her boyfriend’s penis straight after she pulls his jeans open with her teeth. She gets wet and her juices are a dribbling on Boyd’s tongue as he licks her vulva making her squint from pleasure.
Peigi opens her legs and bents over to feel his Penis sliding between her bum cheeks from behind just before he pushes it in her wet pussy. She gets so aroused with her eyes covered, and definitely seem to enjoy the ’spoon’ position on the couch.

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    Nice couple!
    Its a shame we cant fully see his cock.
    Whats nice in the preview video on is the deep throat scene. Id love to see some pics of that too...!

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    Would have been good to see his climax

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    This is a great set and wonderful to see how much pleasure Peigi takes in having her body sexually satisfied by her lover’s penis. Her wet vagina seems to enfold Boyd’s cock like a glove and she clearly loves having her pussy fingered. Worth looking out for the full set in which we see Peigi squeezing Boyds testicles while sucking on his engorged veiny penis, making love to his face with her wet genitalia, and Boyd withdrawing from Peigi’s vagina at the moment of climax in order to squirt his semen over her breasts and chest, which she then licks up.

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