Paula B - Abby Winters

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Before the Shoot :

I love it sleep but this morning I get up very early because Ursula comes to my house for shooting with no clothes and record my masturbated. After drinking coffee and take a shower, Ursula comes home and she sees me naked for the first time. I’m ashamed, but I like. I imagine her naked to her too, I see in her eyes the natural feeling and that excite me. I think it goeth well masturbating in front of her.

After the Shoot :

I am in heaven !! From the time each video was wet. I want to do it more often !! Nextime, I hope to be a lesbian with Ursula or better still an orgy of pussies. I was so comfortable on the set.

Paula B for Abby Winters

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm; such a stunningly delicious brunette. Sensual eyes and a gorgeous sexy body that looks so incredible in that lovely underwear and even better naked. I hope we will see more soon!

  • I am completely lost for words; Paula is simply off the scale; it is obvious from these pictures that she has the most stunning body and the most gorgeous smile.But when you watch her video, you see what a sweet personality she has and such an adorable accent. Oh and the cheekiest laugh too! It is wonderful that she shared herself via Abby Winters and it is well worth paying the small amount of money to feel like you are spending time with such a sensational girl. Her voice alone sends tingles dpwn my spine! And of course you get the full set of 228 delicious photos too! If it sounds like I work for AW then I promise I don’t; I am just a very very happy customer who loves this site. I could watch videos of girls liks Paula over and over.... and I do! :) It is completely beautiful to see such special girls looking so natural, relaxed and like they are really enjoying themselves. I hope they do enjoy appearing here as much as I enjoy watching them. Paula, if ever you read this then thank you so much and please know that you have made me unbelievably happy many many times; it goes without saying how sexy you are but that is just one attribute of an amazing girl who is breathtaking in every way. xxx

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  • Kathryn : ๐Ÿ˜˜ beautiful ๐Ÿ˜š
  • Kathryn : Wow! She is really pretty!
  • Joanna M : Oh, my God! You are so, so sexy! You tease us with style and grace and dirty looks. I love your (...)
  • Amanda K : Those are some mighty fine little tits on her.
  • Juniper J : Omg what a cutie. Check out the perky tits on her and those big round nipples. So good to slide (...)
  • Dominika : What a perfectly beautiful figure. How Iโ€™d love to watch you stepping out of the (...)
  • Kylie H : ๐Ÿ˜˜speechless ๐Ÿ˜š
  • Clare D : lovely shape breasts
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