Paisley & Zac @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :
Paisley : I know that today is going to be an amazing day because I’m here with Zac ! It’s been so exciting and fun travelling abroad together for the first time ever :) I love getting to experience new places together and try new things ! I’m so ready for a sexy fun day together !!
Zac : I’m beyond excited to get to shave our sexual experience today ! I’m a little nervous feeling the butterflies in my stomach a little bit. Can’t wait to get started ! Getting to try new things is such a thrill ! Let’s get it on Paisley !
After the Shoot :
Paisley : Today went so perfectly I’m feeling soooo nice right now ! I couldnt have asked for a better experience. Being together with Zac on camera was so exciting and HOT !!! I already can’t wait to try it again !
Zac : What a rush ! It was so fun getting to have such an experience with Paisley ! I feel completely tired out and sastified in the best kind of way !
Paisley & Zac for Abby Winters

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