Paige E & Fievel @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :
Paige E : I’m feeling nervous but excited ! I love being in Barcelona and I cant wait to shoot !
Fievel : I am beyond excited. I love Barcelona. It is truly a DREAM come true to be able to have an intimate moment with my partner and be in this amazing city.
After the Shoot :
Paige E : I had so much fun shooting with my partner. It was sexy and silly !
Fievel : I had such an amazing and marvelous time filming with my gorgeous partner. IT was truly unforgetful !
Paige E & Fievel for Abby Winters

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    Paige is a horny little beast and just love her fleshy, plump body and large saggy breasts crowned with massive pale areolae. Worth enjoying the full video in which her sexual appetite is boundless - you can watch her clitoris swell and get erect as her lover suckles on her pussy, before she returns the favour by taking his loose black scrotum and testes into her mouth. Best of all is when Paige is fucked from behind and you can see her saggy breasts flapping all over the place before her lover ejaculates inside her and leaves her swollen labia dripping with his semen.

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    Hot little snow bunny

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    Lucky bastard wish it was me 100%

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