Olivia J @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

I feel a tad bit nervous ... But mostly excited to do something I’ve never done before ;)

After the Shoot :

OH oh oh today was loads of fun !! Photos + videos are brilliant + sexy too :: Hope you enjoy the shots as much as I enjoyed posing for them :) Until next time ...

Olivia J for Abby Winters

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    "Hope you enjoy the shots as much as I enjoyed posing for them"

    Yes, thankyou, you are a very attractive young woman. I had a very enjoyable wank whilst admiring your body and sexy poses.

    btw. please don’t let anyone persuade you to shave off your pubic hair, it looks beautiful.

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    Yes I agree with the previous message - Olivia J is gorgeous. Wonderful looks overall - pretty face which makes that pic of her holding her pussy open with her fingers even more delicious. You look like you are really enjoying showing your inner labia to us, Olivia. As you must know already, this is the sort of pose that makes men go nuts, and reach for their penises. I got very hard looking at your pics, but especially that one, and having a hairy pussy is even more horny. Yes, keep your vagina hairy please, it is sooo sexy. Would love to be a fly on the wall at that photo shoot. David.

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    Gorgeous pussy lips - with protruding inner labia, yum. Long live hairy cunts like Olivia J’s delicious one.

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    Olivia has a lovely hairy pussy and to see her cunt lips spread apart is an utter delight.

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    I remember seeing one of Abby’s sites called "Match the Snatch" where you had to figure out whose pusy matched the faces. Well, maybe AW should run a vote for the horniest snatch too. Olivia’s would be well in the running, her cunt makes me want to weep, because I can’t have it. Can’t imagine what it would feel like, well, ecstacy I guess, to run my fingers through her pussy hair and finger her gorgeous, hairy cunt. In any pussy competition, Olivia’s cunt would rate tops for me - and attached to that lovely body and face, absolutely mind-blowing (and cock blowing). I love that close up of her meaty pussy lips - can imagine how they would jiggle as they were being lightly licked, yum. Tony B.

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    Wow, such a decent set of tits on this gorgeous young lady, not to mention he pussy. Her tits look lovely and soft, nice to fondle and squeeze. Her nice brown nipples, all perky and ready to be pinched and tweaked with perfectly round areolas. I would love do much to grope her tits. Then there’s her gorgeous meaty pussy covered in dark untrimmed pubes. We’re lucky enough that she opens her legs and spreads her lovely meaty cunt lips back and shows us all inside her delicious pink pussy. A pussy like hers is just begging to be fingered. It’s nice to see her tight little asshole when she spreads her legs for us too. What a gorgeous girl with a delightful body!

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    Extraordinarily beautiful and sexy!

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    Omg what a lovely hairy bush

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