Nuria @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

I’m really nervous but excited as it is my first time doing this. I’m hoping Ursula will be easy going and help me a lot. Let’s see how this turns out !

After the Shoot :

Wow ! It’s been soooo much fun ! I loved it and I hope you’ll enjoy the photos and videos just as much as I enjoyed getting them taken ! What an experience !

Nuria for Abby Winters

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    stunning bush.

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    great boobs, fantastic bush, and cute totoro <3

    her head shape is weird though, it’s like one of those easter island heads

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    Nuria is incredibly erotic with her geeky face, perfect breasts, large pale nipples, and rampant pubic and armpit hair. Indeed she must have one of the hairiest vulvas or anuses I’ve ever seen on a woman. Love how she talks in the video about how tight her vagina is and how she loves to feel a penis thrusting inside her hairy pussy from behind. Could make love to her all day.

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