Nicole D - Abby Winters

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Before the Shoot :

Soooooo excited ! Happy happy ! Talk soon.

After the Shoot :

It’s not that hard to get off on camera. I am looking forward to it.

Nicole D for Abby Winters

  • Nicole is absolutely stunning. Seeing her fingering her moist pussy and catching sight of her glorious clitoris is almost too much. What a lovely young woman.

  • What a spunk, a real perfect 10 out of 10.

  • Nicole, you are one of the sexiest girls on Abby Winters. Beautiful face, brilliant breasts, and hairy where it matters most. To see your labia and clitoris and moist bits is a very great pleasure.

  • It must be great in Australia because the curtains or blinds are hardly ever closed and there are fantastic girls like Nicole to catch site of in all their nakedness.

  • I have just seen the new video of you and Satine masturbating. Previously I’ve seen the videos of you wanking alone but to see you together is brilliant. You both make it look such natural fun and of course it is highly arousing to watch two beatiful young women masturbating. The way you smile at each other is enough to make me come and when you start fingering yor pussies I feel as if I am about to explode. So many thanks for bringing unalloyed pleasure to an ardent admirer from England.

  • I always return to admire beautiful Nicole. The way you caress your labia and expose yor stunning clitoris leaves me breathless and ejaculating in no time. More pictures of you please.

  • you remind me a of a girl I used to work with. I managed to acquire a dirty red thong of hers after a party once. It was covered in her girl cum. I still fantasise about the time I licked and sniffed that dirty red thong. I’d love to get hold of your dirty knickers Nicole X

  • As 2010 is almost over I thought I’d choose my favourite three girls of the year. A difficult choice to make when there are so many fabulous beauties on the Abby Winters site but my top three are the fantastic Chere, Nicole D and Mykala.

  • Nicole D’s bod is nice and chucky with decent proportions. Nice, luscious ass. She’s a lovely looking girl, too. ;)

  • Nicole, you are so beautiful, I’d say you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen on Abby winters, smooth skin, gorgeous breasts, sexy belly button, nice butt, lovely hair, pretty eyes, you’re as beautiful as eve herself, I would do anything to see you naked in person.

  • Perfect example of a woman. Lovely pair ot tits, nice bum, and brave enough pull her vagina open for us to see inside her - thank you for sharing your most private parts with us Nicole.

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  • Blaise : Although it’s great to see her with her tits out and legs spread, showing off her sweet little (...)
  • Yvette : Nice tits! Those nipples of hers are quite impressive, definitely worth being shared with the (...)
  • Anna L : Can’t stop looking at her pussy, it’s so interesting to study. I’ve never seen a cunt so meaty (...)
  • Angelika : What an amazingly beautiful set of tits! Nice nipples too. Does she spread her pussy and show (...)
  • Kayla J : Now that’s a buthole I can never unsee!
  • Kyna D : Beautiful lady!
  • Karmen : What a beautiful woman! Especially those eyes. Boobs too.
  • Ainslee : Ainslee, you have such beautiful boobs, it’s a dream for my eyes baby.
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