Nashi @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

It’s my 1st shoot and as yet i’m not nervous but who knows, once that camera comes out i may feel like a rabbit caught in headlights ! Right now i’m excited and can’t wait to see what the day brings, bring it on !!

After the Shoot :

Had a fantastic day, the girls were amazing and made me laugh all day. Thank you so much everyone for a great day out.

Nashi for Abby Winters

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    What a lovely girl. Definitely floats my boat!

    And whoever suggested the pose in nashi102.jpg deserves a christmas bonus! That picture is sooo hot...

    Can’t believe we might get an internet filter in Aus. Won’t even get to see our own nudity. Have to move to another country. How about Tasmania? ’Terra null-arse’?

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    thanks for such beautiful pictures .

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    Truly a very lovely lady with a lovely bush. But this selection of photos never showed a clear pussy shot.

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    I had seen some free Abby Winters before but seeing Nashi was when I decided to subscribe. As the first Abby Winters girl I downloaded Nashi will, therefore, always be a bit special for me. I wonder what she is doing now, ten years after her nude session

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    God I’d love showering with you, kiss your lips and tits with my hard rod against your lovely bush, exchanging the most intense orgasms

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