Morag @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :
I woke up this morning & really didnt think the shoot on the afternoon that was ahead of me. I was wrapped up in a happy little ball under my covers. I had set my alarm to get up early to straighter my hair & do some maintenance. realizing I had left it to late I jumped out of bed & pulled on my clothes. On my way walking up to the shoot I was glad, I taught "feck it" this is me no need for preparation. I am nervous in a sense of great freedom about the whole thing. A bit scared yet I cant help but smile. Squirelly
After the Shoot :
It was a nice sunny day in the park & I feel the shoot could not have gone better. The girls were really nice & I felt really comfortable. I surprised myself at how easy I found it & how much I enjoyed it. It was nice to be outside I’m glad that was the location for the shoot.
Morag for Abby Winters

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