Moona & Rita L @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :
Moona : I’m so excited today ! I’m gonna shoot with Rita L She is colombian and she is VERY HOT ! I think we will enjoy it and we will both have fun !
Rita L : My first girl to girl shoot . Moona is more Beautiful thant I imagined. I’m nervous but also very excited about the experience. I’m sure that this experience will be unforgetable.
After the Shoot :
Moona : It was amazing today ! Rita L is great we have a really good connection and It felt awesome shooting with her ! I hope everyone who will watch it will enjoy it as we did ... Wonderful shoot ! Thanks to Abbywinters to make me know this fantastic GIRL !
Rita L : Incredible. I really enjoyed touching her hair her body and seeing the expressions on her face. She has very sexy expressions everything about her is sexy !!! I like to know that I also gave her pleasure. I really enjoyed this session very much.
Moona & Rita L for Abby Winters

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