Mirja @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :
Finally here we are ! It’s AbbyWinters day ! I arrived in Holland yesterday morning, took a tour of the city, saw many sexy shop, Amsterdam is really beautiful and inclusive city and you can breathe a different aire on the street. This morning I woke up very entusiastic for this new shooting, it will be the first time with AbbyWinters for me. I have already prepared my clothes, and already asked many question about the shooting. Can’t wait to get started and try this new experience !
After the Shoot :
Shooting finished ! How wonderful ! It was a really nice experience, I felt very comfortable from the first moment and after the shooting I asked to see some photos ... I look so beauty even without make up ... I would never have said that before ! Hope to come back soon ! Thank you Abby Winters for this amazing experience !
Mirja for Abby Winters

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