Mina B @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :
I’m so excited to be here, I’ll tell you a bit about me ! I’m 20 Australian and a big people AND animals person. I have 2 cats and a puppy at home who keep me very busy. I try to keep nice and busy ! I love expressing and showing myself off and that’s why I’m so excited to shoot tomorrow. I’m a little nervous as I’ve never done one before but I know I’ll have a ball and the photos will be worth it ! Hopefully if the weather is good I can have some fun in the sun !
After the Shoot :
I just finished up with the shoot and I know it’s going to be a winner ! We started outside so I got to enjoy the sun ( just like I wanted ) and absorb heaps of vitamin D while showing off the things I love about myself ! The nergy was flowing; even when it rained I felt it was still a perfect shoot. I even got some lemons for my dinner tonight ! The most fun I had was playing with the pegs - who knew I could attach them so many ways ! It’s definitely opened my eyes to not take things seriously and enjoy myself in my body. Till next time !
Mina B for Abby Winters

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