Mia D @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :
So its just before the shoot and me+Nico are chatting about all my friends who have done shoots before me - Gerogie, Nadia and Angela.
I am a bit excited and a bit nervous, but I’m pretty sure this shoot is gonna be awesome cos I’m wearing the cutest outfit and Nadia has told me how fun it is. I’ve only done one nude shoot before and I loved it so hopefully more to come !!! Today we’re gonna shoot in my back yard, down the garden path which I love.
After the Shoot :
I’m so relaxed and in a great mood ! We had a great time just chatting and laughing about girly stuff. My favourite part was the dancing it was so much fun !! I’m pretty excited too see the photos. I hope the shots turned out good with the tights ! I’d would love to do this again with all my firends this time, a HUGE GROUPE SHOOT !! See you then !!
Mia D for Abby Winters

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