Melissa R - Abby Winters

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Age: 19
Height: 168
City: Melbourne

Before the Shoot :

It’s my first shoot for Abby Winters, can’t wait to get started and get naked for you :)

After the Shoot :

Feeling tired after a long day, definitely worth it though, had a lot of fun !

Melissa R for Abby Winters

  • That Melissa R is one tasty looking girl. I want her so bad, I can almost taste her!

  • You are so beautiful and looking great!You have bright future,take care,good luck!!

  • you are so stunning! an absolute cutie!

  • Melissa just looks so deliciously cute in these pics. With her tight sexy body (covered in goose-bumps I see) and those big eyes with a mischievous look, this is a very enjoyable set.

    Thanks Melissa, your pictures got my cock good and hard, thanks for letting us see your naked body and for opening your legs to show off your nice hairy cunt

  • Such a naturally beautiful girl, lovely tits and pussy

  • Cute young lady. Luv to meet her. Glad she trimmed down below.

  • What a cutie, beautiful fanny and hoop too.

  • The little tits on this one are so ripe and perky and her nipples are lovely. Glad she spread her legs for us too. She’s got a lovely pussy and delicious, tight pink cunt and nice tidy cunt flaps. Would love to see her masturbating, fingering herself sweet little pussy, maybe slide a dildo up inside her wet cunt.

  • Love how she sits there naked, tits and pussy on display to the world, nicely trimmed blonde pubes sitting just above her meaty cunt lips that extrude from her vulva with her tight little asshole peeking at us. I actually saw joined Abby Winters because I saw a naked picture of her on the wall of a bar in Melbourne that had the any Winters watermark on it. Nice advertising tactic- using naked young ladies.

    I must say, she does have a decent set of tits on her. Ripe and perky, perfect size for her body, nice pink little nipples- well proportioned areola and sightly hard and erect nips. Quite a nice pussy too. Looks even better when it’s spread open for us to see all the detail of her pink bits.

  • Nothing quite beats stroking myself to this cute young Kiwi teenager taking her clothes off. What a fantastic sight he naked body is! Tits, nipples, pussy, pussy lips, ass, feet, toes, legs, the whole lot.

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