Melissa D - Abby Winters

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Age: 18
Height: 155
City: Sydney

Before the Shoot :

I’m so excited !
I can’t wait to do another shoot for ! Let’s get back to Nude !

After the Shoot :

What can I say ?
It’s after the shoot and I’ve had a "great" shoot, I had such fun - there’s nothing better!

Melissa D for Abby Winters

  • You have a gorgeous face Melissa (& body), which makes looking at your wonderful cunt all the more wonderful. Would like to see a bit more hair around it, but that’s just me. These shots are great wank material.I love that shot of you on the rock with one leg in the air, & pussy for all to see,& the pic on same rock with you pulling your cunt-lips back with both hands — your slightly shy smile says it all, as though you enjoy letting us guys (& some gals) see your open pussy, as though you are saying,"Do you like me opening my cunt for you? I enjoy showing you." Maybe you do that for your boyfriend, give him a good look at your open snatch while he pulls his cock.And oh yes, that close-up of your pulled-back cunt is fantastic. Would love to see your boyfriend pull his cock & drop his load into your open lips.

  • You have body and face of angel. You’ re beautiful. I hope you’ll take more photos in future.

  • I agree, you do have a delicious looking pussy, so pink and tight with nice meaty lips and a lovely large clit surrounded by nicely trimmed pubes. My favourite part of your body though is your tits. They are fantastic! So firm, and perky, so white and edible, oh the delights of a young 18 year olds tits. Your lovely pink nipples are perfectly proportioned to you breasts too, your tits aren’t too small and not too big and your nipples compliment them perfectly. Any man could spend hours playing with your tits. Thank you for sharing your body with us and it is a shame you never appeared on IFM.

  • This sweet young teenager doesn’t leave much to the imagination. She’s happily showing off her firm and perky young tits while showing off her pussy with stubbly pubes and spreading her cunt lips apart and giving us a beautiful view of her sweet pink inner lips and even a glimpse of her cervix. She also has a nice large and swollen clit, I guess the photoshoot was exciting her while she fondled her tits, pinched those lovely, large, symmetrical, pink nipples of hers and spread her legs and played with her pussy. Not these pictures but she’s also proudly showing off her lovely little asshole too. Perfect girl, perfect body from head to toe and all the delicious bits in between.

  • Loving the pink bits on this delicious young Brittish girl. She really spreads those pussy lips wide for us to see all her intimate parts in full details. Those tits of hers are just devine too, would love to give them a little grope and play with those perfect nips of hers too. She has nice feet too, cute suckable toes.

  • Wow, not only does this gorgeous young Brittish girl take all of her clothes off and show us her delightful perky tits, she then proceeds to spread aher tight young pussy lips apart giving us an incredible view of her delightful pink cunt. What an absolute treat on the eyes she has been!

  • Your tan lines accentuate your perfect butt. I could spend years as a global explorer back there.

  • Thank you for sharing your lovely young, pink pussy with us. It’s so nice to look at and study. Also your delicious ripe young tits and Prefect perky nipples too. You’re absolutely stunning and happy to share your naked body and spread your pussy for everyone in the world to see.

  • Nicest set of tits on the internet. So firm, ripe and perky with perfectly round, pink nipples. Such a delightful young pussy too, so pleased to see you spread your tight pink cunt open for us. Would be nice to see you side a finger or two inside yourself, let us hear how wet your teenage pussy is while you moan with pleasure.

  • Goodness, she has quite the flappy pussy. Would love to get her tight pink pussy all wet by groping those luscious breasts of hers and then slide right inside her.

  • Jesus, look at the tits on this one and she’s only 18! They have developed well indeed! Would like to see her with some toys up that tight pink cunt of hers too. Pussy juices dribbling out and everything.

  • There are some nice cunts on this site but none quite like the tight, young, pink cunt between Melissa’s legs. She even spreads her pussy open so we can get a good look at her sweet meaty flaps and clit. Wish we could watch her finger herself too, those nice ripe tits jiggling about.

  • Quite enjoyed having a tug while watching her masturbate. One hand fingering her clit and rubbing her cunt while the other hand is squeezing her tits. Beautiful.

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