Max L @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :
Hmmm.. so I’m not exactly sure what to expect. Sometimes I feel a bit uncomfortable in front of the camera naked or not it doesn’t make a difference). I always seem to make silly camera faces. But I am sure it will be fun and I am not really nervous. oh... but I am doing a video which is kind of like an oral presentation, and that I am a bit nervous about.
After the Shoot :
That was so much fun - I felt comfortable because Nico who was shooting me & Susie who was shooting video were so nice + friendly. I had heaps of fun climbing up the windows + the video wasnt as bad as I thought it might be ... in fact it was kind of fun - even though I probably told you all more secrets than I meant tooo ... oh and I heard that Aoha told you all some secrets about me as well. Which I will have to wait and see when the video comes up on the site.
Max L for Abby Winters

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