Marnie @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

I’ve only had three hours of sleep, so I didn’t have a lot of time to mentally prepare myself for this, my first shoot, but that’s ok, its a beautiful day and should be a lot of fun !!!
Well hopefully.
A bit nervous, but everyone’s lovely, so ultimately I’m looking forward to the shoot as being at the least a less average monday experience !

After the Shoot :

What fun !!
Today was a blast beautiful sun, versatile hills hoist, yummy souvlaki ...
What can I say, I’ll be back :)

Marnie for Abby Winters

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    Marnie you have is GOIN ON!
    I do see in the background your garden needs a bit of attention and I’m putting myself foward for any position you have!
    Lovin your joie de vivre!

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    The sheer bra makes your adorable breast look so cute, and I love the blue panties, for they show your beautiful bottom to your advantage. Your smile helps tansmitt your wonderful spirit-Enjoy every minute of your life, and Thanks for sharing your body with us-Cheers-Susan

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    Great set of tits on this one. I did quite enjoy watching her finger her tight pink little pussy while this big pale tits of hers jiggled around. Delicious!

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    Cute Aussie girl with a nice pair of decently sized tits on her. Lovely little cunt in between her legs too, I enjoyed watching her masturbate.

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    Love the way those big perky tits of hers bounce around as she fingers her meaty little pussy.

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    One of the best outdoor pics I have seen. Marnie stretching her body towards the blue sky makes her body shine! a beautiful girl on a beautiful day showing off her beautiful body!

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