Manon @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

This is Miya’s first shoot and we will rock it ! I am very happy to be there and excited to shoot with her for the first time !!!

After the Shoot :

I’m exhausted but very proud of this one. It’s okay if I don’t do more training today ...

Manon for Abby Winters

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    God your pussy is beautiful Manon

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    Just watched a video of her fucking. Amazing. She fucks with such passion and has a lovely bush and beautiful tits. Perfect nipples.

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    Adore this French woman and her deliciously unshaven body. Manon has such lovely small breasts with pert, erect nipples, while her genitalia are astonishingly hairy with her pubic hairs spreading all over her inner thighs and up to her navel. Her fleshy pink vulva looks so ripe for sucking and must smell incredibly sexual with all that sweaty hair. Her tight hairy anus looks very inviting too. Worth viewing her BG shoot which shows what a sexual creature Manon is, rubbing her hairy pussy over her lover’s face, sliding her hairy vagina over his penis while riding him, and finally getting fucked vigorously from behind until he squirts his semen deep into her body while she moans in pleasure.

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    I just can’t stop wanking watching this set of Manon. Gorgeous girl, love the bush on her inviting pussy.

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